Free Wedding Calculators to help you with your marriage preparations

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Are you getting married? This site has a number of powerful and easy to use wedding calculators that will help you with the preparations.


Do you need help to get a realistic estimation of all the costs?

This Budget Calculator for Wedding not only gives you this estimate, but also shows you a clear breakdown of all costs.

You will also find examples of real budgets made with this calculator.


Do you want to know how many drinks you need for your party?

Use this Alcohol Calculator for Wedding or Party to get an estimate quickly and easily.

Calculate instantly how much soft drinks, beer, wine, cocktails and spirits you need and what the approximate costs will be.


Simply enter the number of persons and this Wedding Cake Calculator will show you the matching cake servings chart.

Also you will find the average cost of wedding cakes and examples of cake servings. 

You will also get tips on how to order wedding cake.

What can you do with these wedding calculators?

The results can be downloaded and/or printed easily

With all the Wedding Calculators on this site, you can print and/or download the results. Rather than cluttered pages, the printouts display clearly organized tables on a white background for easy reading and use. The downloaded spreadsheets can be easily opened in Excel or Google Sheets.

Adapt to your situation

The calculators have advanced settings and/or price settings that you can adjust according to your circumstances. For example, you can change the default average prices to your local prices. You can also adjust the estimated amount of softdrinks, beer, wine and liquor your guests will be drinking (are your guests light drinkers or more heavy drinkers or perhaps in between?).

Perfect for wedding planners

Are you a wedding planner, please feel free to use our calculators to make your incredible job a bit easier! The advanced settings and price settings will offer you more freedom to customize the calculations to your customers' needs, make clear print-outs, and download (re-)usable spreadsheets.

Privacy friendly

This site and the tools comply to both the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the more stricter European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We do not use any tracking cookies that follow your surfing behavior across sites. If you do a calculation on this site, you will not start getting all kinds of unsolicited targeted advertisements.