What is the best wedding cake size for 80 guests and its average price in the UK?

Out of all the wedding traditions that exist, the cake cutting ceremony is still the most universally celebrated one, used in many weddings today. Using our wedding cake calculator, we were able to review cakes of various sizes and found the best options for different guest counts.
We've created an entire guide on everything you need to know when choosing a wedding cake fit for 80 guests. You will also find some average wedding cake prices in the UK below.

Best wedding cake size for 80 guests

When choosing the best wedding cake fit for 80 guests, we suggest a 4 tier wedding cake that has the following measurements:


In total 84 portions.

The best wedding cake size for 80 guests

Average price of this wedding cake size for 80 guests

The average price of such a cake in 2022 is usually between £425 and £450 for the UK in 2022. Metropolitan areas such as London tend to be more expensive, the prices could be up to 15% higher than the average price.

Keep in mind that a wedding cake is not a standard product and its appearance and taste largely depends on the craftsmanship of the baker. The cost also reflects the ingredients used and the way the cake is decorated. Therefore actual prices can differ from the average prices shown here.

Why do we suggest this wedding cake size?

This is a great choice because it has a number of benefits such as:

1 - Perfect presentation

Presentation is very important in your wedding. A taller cake like this one with 4 tiers looks a lot more impressive than smaller cakes with a bigger radius. Having a tall cake draws more attention to it, making it a focal point, no matter how crowded the reception may be.

Also this cake looks incredibly beautiful and elegant as each layer is perfectly proportioned. Every layer differs by 2″ from the one above or below it.

To take your presentation up a notch, you can even add decorations such as a small wedding couple figurine at the top of the tall cake, cake sparklers, satin ribbons and silk or edible flowers.

2 - Takes up less table space

With this cake, you won't have to worry about a lot of space being taken up on the wedding cake table. Shorter cakes tend to be wider, hence taking up more space. The bottom tier is a mere 10" wide. A shorter cake with the same number of servings usually has a diameter of around 12"-14". Therefore, with a taller cake, you will have more space available to decorate the table in any way you desire.

3 - Easy to save the top tier for your anniversary

Your first anniversary is special and you'll want to remember the beautiful moments you shared during your wedding. It's a common tradition for newly wedded couples to remove the top tier and place it in the freezer for a year.

You may want to do the same for your own first special day. The 4" top tier is our recommended cake size for saving as it's perfect for boxing and freezing without taking up too much space. 

Even without the top tier, you will still have enough servings for all your 80 guests. As not all guests will want the cake and kids can always be served half portions.

Alternative wedding cake sizes for 80 guests

Not all bakers offer all sizes. However, there are alternatives that you can select that will still be able to fit your needs. Using our wedding cake calculator, we were able to determine the best wedding cake alternative options for you to choose from.

Best Alternative #1 - 3 tier wedding cake, each tier is 6″ high

This is a great alternative and has the following measurements:


In total 84 portions

You can easily remove the top 4″ tier and place it in the freezer for your first wedding anniversary

The average cost for this cake is £375 - £400, approximately £4.65 - £5.00 per person

An alternative wedding cake size for 80 guests

Best Alternative #2 - 4 tier wedding cake, each tier is 4″ high

This is another great alternative with the following measurements:


In total 81 portions

This cake is very symmetrical because each layer differs exactly 2″ from the one above or below it.

The average cost for this cake is £450 - £475, approximately £5.65 - £5.95 per person

An alternative wedding cake size for 80 guests

Do you need 80 cake servings for 80 guests?

The typical rule is to ensure that your cake provides at least one serving per guest. This rules should especially be applied when the cake is being served to each guest individually by the waiters. If you're slightly under 80 servings, it's fine to serve half portions to small children.

However, if you have a dessert table where the guests have to get their own piece of cake, you will typically need less than 80 servings. Not all guests will choose to have cake. Many wedding planners recommend that in such cases, you only need to cater to about 80-90% of your guests. For 80 guests, you will need about 65-75 servings of your wedding cake.

Want to see more wedding cakes? Use the Wedding Cake Calculator

Enter the number of guests and the Wedding Cake Calculator will show you the wedding cakes found along with the average cost. You'll also get more information, such as handy infographics with wedding cake servings charts.

We also explain what the wedding cake costs depends on and what you should pay attention to when ordering.

More full guides for other wedding cake sizes

The current page contains a full guide for 80 guests. We also have a full guide for these guest count:

How do you pick the perfect wedding cake for 80 guests?

Wedding cakes come in sorts of different flavours, sizes, and colours. When deciding on the cake perfect for your wedding guests, it can be a little overwhelming. However, to help make things easier for you, we have listed some important factors you may want to consider.

1 - Get the cake with the best presentation

As we mentioned earlier, presentation is very important when considering your wedding cake. You have to have a presentation that will leave all your guests in awe. When it comes to a wedding cake for 80 guests, the size and placement of the cake are important factors. You can get help from professional wedding coordinators and bakers. While you’re at it make sure your decorations are just as impressive. Here are some ideas:


When choosing flowers to decorate your wedding cake, it could be wise to use artificial flowers. Silk flowers will also save you some money. You can also use real flowers if you want them to match your other wedding flowers but keep in mind, it's often a lot of work. Sugar flowers are also a great option if you want something that's customised and food safe.


Sparklers are always a fun addition to your wedding cake. It makes the cake attract a ton of attention. Make sure you choose food-grade ones in order to have a safe yet fun experience.


The satin ribbon on the wedding cake adds a great touch to the decoration. Choose a colour that matches your theme.

A wedding couple on top of the cake

A cake topper is another type of decoration that has been used for a lot of years. It might make your wedding cake look more presentable. You can make use of 3D scanning and printing to personalise it and make it look more like you and your future spouse.

The wedding cake table

It's important for the wedding cake to look good, but don't forget about the surrounding elements on the table. For example, the tablecloth and the cake stand also have a huge effect on what the whole picture looks like. Other things you can decorate with include: flowers, ribbons, candles, champagne, glasses, plates, plants, and cutlery.

The decorated wedding cake table

2 - Pick the right taste choices for your 80 guests

There are a variety of flavours available when it comes to wedding cakes. You should get the flavour that pleases all your 80 guests so everyone can enjoy the cake. The most important thing that determines taste is the filling and the topping. There is no end to the list of amazing flavours out there.

You can have your pick with either traditional flavours such as vanilla or more exotic options such as salted caramel, tuxedo torte, or chocolate raspberry truffle. You get to choose whichever one you want.

How do you as a couple cut the wedding cake for 80 guests?

The cake cutting is seen by many as the best part of the reception. You should consider when and how you'll be cutting the wedding cake. For a 4 tier wedding cake, it's usually customary for the married couple to cut the first piece from the bottom tier. Follow these steps when cutting your wedding cake for 80 guests:

  1. Before cutting the cake, you should ensure there's a plate and two forks ready.
  2. The guests will usually be seated and the married couple will be called in front and pose with the cake for photos. Family and friends can also take photos at this time.
  3. Usually the bride picks up the knife and the groom puts his hand over the bride's hand. The traditional positioning of the wife is standing to the right of the groom, but either way works just fine.
  4. The newly married couple will cut the cake, and more photos are taken.
  5. While the bride and groom take the first bite. There are a couple of different ways this is normally done:
  • Simultaneously - get a bite on either fork and feed each other.
  • After each other - the groom feeds the bride a piece first and vice versa.
  • For some cultures - parents have to cut the first piece of cake and give it to the couple.
  1. You could end the ceremony with a kiss.
  2. Trained staff members of your wedding venue usually cut the remaining slices for the guests. The cake can either be served by waiters, or guests can get a piece of cake by themselves.
The wedding cake cutting ceremony

Here is an infographic for serving the Best Wedding Cake size for 80 guests

After your cake cutting ceremony is completed, the staff needs to cut the cake into the servings for the guests. The following images show the pattern that should be followed when cutting the recommended cake.

Infographic for the best Wedding Cake for 80 guests (UK version)

The portion guide for this wedding cake

Below are 4 high resolution charts that show how you can cut each cake tier into portions. You can open your desired chart in a new browser tab, take a print out and use it as a template when cutting the cake.

  • Tier 1 (10″): 36 portions
  • Tier 2 (8″): 28 portions
  • Tier 3 (6″): 14 portions
  • Tier 4 (4″): 6 portions

In total 84 portions.

Disclaimer: please use at your own risk. See site terms of use

how to cut a round cake into 36 pieces
how to cut a round cake into 28 pieces
how to cut a round cake into 14 pieces
how to cut a round cake into 6 pieces

Final words

Your wedding day is by far one of the most important days in your life, everything should be perfect. The wedding cake is definitely one of those things. The guide above will ensure you have the best wedding cake, perfect for 80 guests. For more help, check out the different tools on our website to make everything a lot smoother.

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